The Photographers Exchange

This blog was initially founded to support the Photographers Exchange, a diverse group of photographers who meet monthly at Irvine Fine Arts Center (IFAC), Irvine, CA on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm through 9:30pm. The meeting format is for each photographer to display their photographic prints, not more than five, for group discussion.

Membership is open and there is an annual fee of $36.00 which goes towards the operation of the group, funds the annual print exchange evening pizza party and is used to support Orange County High School photographers.

Membership & their web site link includes:

Barbara Ruffini

Barbara Runge

Bill Edwards

Bill Livingston

Byong-Ho Kim

Diane Reeves

Douglas Stockdale

Ellen Butler

Frank Cancian

Gerhard Clausing

Harvey Chin

Jan Brueckner

Janos Lanyi

Jim Koch

Jim McKinniss

John Montich

Kathy Shapiro

Larry Vogel

Marc Plouffe

Mark Kirchner

Michael Weitzman

Nancy Albright

Raquel Landworth-Kleinhenz

Robert Staeck

Roger Bennett

Rudy Vega

Scott Mathews

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