Brooks Jensen – Looking at Images

Copyright the photographers 2014 published by LensWork Publishing I am very honored to announce that Brooks Jensen has selected one of images from the In Passing project that was published in the #74 edition of LensWork to include in his latest book Looking at Photographs. Brooks Jensen is the Editor and Publisher of the LensWork... Continue Reading →

Pine Lake by Douglas Stockdale

Pine Lake copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale self-published artist book I am very thrilled to announce the publication of my hand made artist book Pine Lake. It is a semi-fictional narrative about a multi-generational summer rite. The fishing trip. I recently discovered some family photographs of my grandfathers fishing, a passion of which was unknown to... Continue Reading →

Ellen Butler – Exhibition of Artists Books

  Ellen Butler has an exhibition of her artists books at the Long Beach Public Library until the end of June. At the PhotoExchange meeting, Butler reminded the group of her offer that if you contact her before hand, she will join you at the library and  provide a walk-thru narrative of her artist books on exhibition. These are amusing, interesting... Continue Reading →

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