Online exhibition opportunity: Living and Photographing in the Time of Covid-19 – Deadline May 1

The Photographer's Eye_ A Creative Collective _ Juried Online Exhibition.jpg

“This is a time of uncertainty and anxiety. Most photographers that we know are feeling especially glum in their seclusion.  However, photographers are also resilient and resourceful. We’d like you to show us your response to what it is like for you to ‘be’ in this time of isolation. What do our homes, neighborhoods, streets and towns look like as we are directed to ‘hunker down’.  What’s happening to your business, your friends, your family, your routine?  How are you coping (or not)?  What is the meaning of feeling ‘safe’ to you? How are your concerns manifesting? For instance, are you staying home and photographing your surroundings within, or your gardens outdoors? What is your story?  What do you observe in the wider community? And, how do you show this in a photograph?

“Some of you work within the Subjective realm – as in Conceptual photography (using ideas, symbols, themes) and Directorial (setup, staged, constructed) photography. All these are designed to show emotion and a personal or social-political viewpoint.  Some of you have a more Objective style as in  Journalistic/Documentary story-telling, using one picture or many, taken directly from life. And, how does Landscape photography fit in? We believe in the solace of being in the landscape and finding connection within it, especially in times of turmoil, whether that be inner confusion or societal upheaval. Making landscape photographs can be an antidote to all of this.

“All ways/styles of making images are accepted as you show us your response to this disease. Your ideas  and creations here are limitless. This is a way for you to engage your mind, heart and craft during this unsettled time. We think our community needs this right now.”

Juror: Philipp Scholz Rittermann

Deadline: Friday, May 1, 2020

More details here:


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