The MUSIC TO MY EARS Exhibition


© Janos Lanyi 


Music To My Ears

The Ability Of A Photograph To Conjure Sound 

Sound comes in many forms from bands playing, to horses fighting, to waves crashing. This month’s online exhibition, Music To My Ears, measures the extent to which a visual image can crossover and awaken our sense of hearing.

Congratulations to Janos Lanyi! His image was chosen to best represent this exhibition. The image contains sound production, movement, and reaction/interaction among performers. These elements bring the image to life in a way that one can imagine the smile-invoking, toe-tapping sound being created.

Six other artists/photographers participated in this online exhibition: Roger Bennett, Beatta Bosworth, Jan Brueckner, Gerhard Clausing, Jim McKinniss, Diane Reeves, and Kathy Shapiro. Their selected images are arranged alphabetically by last name. All images are Copyright © by each individual.

Our next online exhibition, for members only, will be “BORDERS AND BARRIERS,” curated by Gerhard Clausing. Deadline for submission: July 1, 2019.

Thank you to all participants!

Your Guest Curator,

Nancy Albright


Roger Bennett





Beatta Bosworth






Jan Brueckner

04-Brueckner Jan Music 1 Devil Makes Three.jpg

05-Brueckner Jan Music 3 Member of James Brown band.jpg

06-Brueckner Jan Music 2 Jim Morrison.jpg


Gerhard Clausing



09-Gerhard_Clausing-Wild_Dancing .jpg


Janos Lanyi




Jim McKinniss

12-McKinnis_Jim_People in Movie Scene.jpg

13-McKinnis_Jim_Santa Monica Promenade Dancers 2011-07-24 #5.jpg

14-McKinnis_Jim_Disney 2009-08-09 #4 - Color.jpg


Diane Reeves

15-Diane Reeves_elva luna.jpg

16-Diane Reeves_Homage to Ricardo Breceda.jpg


Kathy Shapiro

17-Shapiro Kathy Music.jpg




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