The OPEN Exhibition

01-Nancy Albright_ Oliver_Bronson_House-07.jpg

Nancy Albright


The OPEN Exhibition

Deciding which of your many images is one of the most representative is a difficult task indeed. Twelve of us have chosen one particular image to submit for this open exhibition, and, as expected, the resulting set is quite a strong presentation.

Congratulations to Nancy Albright for having been selected as the keynote image, shown above, and to all the participating members for their great work:  Bill Collins, Diane Reeves, Douglas Stockdale, Ellen Butler, Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing, Jan Brueckner, Janos Lanyi, Jim Koch, Jim McKinniss, Manuel Martinez IV, Nancy Albright, and Scott Mathews. All images are copyright © by each individual photographer, with websites (as available) accessed by clicking the name when highlighted. Since this is an exhibition open only to our group of Photographers Exchange members, yet shown to the whole internet, it is our custom here (contrary to practice for other shows) to include the curator’s work  as well. This time I have grouped the images by similar subject matter and approach. 

The work of the Photographers Exchange group is much more than any one particular genre, as you can see here, and as all our exhibitions have already demonstrated. All previous exhibitions will continue to be available for your viewing pleasure and reference; you can just put the keyword in the search box:  Living Nature – Water & Ice – Human Nature – Fall Season – Abstract Visions – Contemporary Landscape – Connections.

I know that we will continue to receive interesting submissions for the online exhibition opportunities in the months ahead. The next two exhibitions, open to members only, will be TRAVEL and AMBIGUITIES. Watch for the next newsletter that will be coming to your email containing more details!

Gerhard “Gerry” Clausing, Curator


Manuel Martinez IV

02-Manuel Martinez IV BP-12a.jpg


Diane Reeves

03-Diane_Reeves_True Price of Art.jpg


Douglas Stockdale

04-Douglas Stockdale.jpg


Ellen Butler

05-Ellen Butler_6497_2crps forpx blog.jpg


Jim McKinniss

07-Jim McKinniss Feather Hat and Rose.jpg


Jim Koch

06-Jim Koch Untitled_1.jpg


Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing

08-Gerhard Clausing - Triplets 4317ba.jpg


Scott Mathews

09-Scott Mathews Bagged_1.jpg


Janos Lanyi

10-Janos Lanyi.jpg


Jan Brueckner

11-Jan Brueckner best image.jpg


Bill Collins

12-Bill Collins_Last Chance Cafe PX .jpg

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