The LIVING NATURE Exhibition

© Janos Lanyi


The LIVING NATURE Exhibition

We share our world with animals and plants, and both of these groups, while their physiology may differ, certainly demand our attention and care in various ways. They have a similar meaning to many of us as well, and we provide them with love and dedication, the closer they are to us, as they often share our most closely defined personal spaces. Some people talk to their plants, others to their pets, and some talk to both, placing similar value on these living beings that are our companions.

As the contributions for this theme came in, I saw a celebration of our animals and plants. I also saw that our group of photographers found visual excitement in the appearance and characteristics of these various “creatures” and vegetation. Whether they are found around our house, or majestically attempt to survive in their native habitats, there is a definite impact that plants and animals have on our psyche and our emotions. The particular observations collected here certainly pay tribute to the majesty and beauty of the plants and animals around us, and convey the impact they have on us, as well as the impact we have on them.

This time the order is by first name, in alphabetical order. Congratulations to Janos Lanyi for having his image selected as the keynote photograph, and to all the participants for their great work:  Beatta Bosworth, Bill Collins, Diane Reeves, Douglas Stockdale, Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing, Jan Brueckner, Janos Lanyi, Jim Koch, Jim McKinniss, Linda Berman, Manuel Martinez IV, Scott Mathews, and Stan Kuran. All images are copyright © by each individual photographer, with websites available by clicking the name when highlighted. Since this is an exhibition open only to our group of Photographers Exchange members, yet shown to the whole internet, it is our custom here (contrary to practice for other shows) to include some curator’s images as well, if only to call attention to yet another particular artistic perspective. Remember that Doug and I have issued a call for guest curators, so let us know if you are interested!

It was a pleasure to curate this exhibition for our group. Also, please pay attention to the newsletter that outlines the next two exhibition opportunities. We also welcome new members, which would allow newcomers to participate.


Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing, Exhibition Curator

Beatta Bosworth

Bill Collins

Diane Reeves

Douglas Stockdale

Gerhard Clausing

Jan Brueckner

Janos Lanyi

Jim Koch

Jim McKinniss

Linda Berman

Manuel Martinez IV

Scott Mathews

Stan Kuran

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