The HUMAN NATURE Exhibition

00--Jan-Ladies on a Ferry.jpg

Jan Brueckner


The HUMAN NATURE Exhibition

It is the nature of humans to want to leave their mark, while life also leaves its marks on them. Whether it is through their own presence, or more indirectly through writing and art on paper, in blogs, or on walls, or paint on canvas, or through photographs and other media – there are memories and interpretations and evidence of the human spirit that outlast the moment.

The submissions for this exhibition are also a notable testament to the human spirit. We observe strong personalities, we can study human nature, both here as well as in other countries, as observed by our talented members, and we also witness attempts to make a difference through markings of all sorts, as well as an absence of significant markings at times (no program on TV). The selections shown here constitute a fascinating set of observations of many personal and social moments.

There are similarities and differences in the points of view represented. One could have grouped them by similarities rather than by photographer. Nevertheless, in the end I chose to keep the groupings by member; in this case – very predictably – alphabetically by last name. Congratulations to Jan Brueckner for having one of his images chosen as the keynote image, and kudos to all the participants for their imaginative work:  Roger Bennett, Beatta Bosworth, Jan Brueckner, Ellen Butler, Gerhard Clausing, Bill Collins, Jim Koch, Stan Kuran, Janos Lanyi, Scott Mathews, Marc Plouffe, Diane Reeves, and Douglas Stockdale.

All images are Copyright © by each individual photographer, with websites available by clicking the name when underlined. Since this is an exhibition open only to our group of Photographers Exchange members, yet shown to the whole internet, it is our custom here (contrary to practice for other shows) to include some curator’s images as well, if only to call attention to yet another particular artistic perspective. Remember that Doug and I have issued an open call for guest curators, so feel free to volunteer!

Enjoy the images! Hope to see you at the meeting on Thursday, December 13; in any case, best wishes for the holidays and for 2019!

Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing, Exhibition Curator


Roger Bennett

01-Roger image1.jpg




Beatta Bosworth

04-Beatta-Dallas Girls Trip 2018-0140.jpg




Jan Brueckner

07-Jan-Lady in Prague.jpg

08--Jan-Mumbai street kids.jpg


Ellen Butler

09-Ellen Trinidad.jpg


11-thumbnail_butler_ellen_artist in Cienfuegos_2.jpg


Gerhard Clausing





Bill Collins

15-Bill Collins_Ayn Rand - PXWeb - 015.jpg


Jim Koch





Stan Kuran





Janos Lanyi





Scott Mathews





Marc Plouffe





Diane Reeves

31-Reeves_Diane_Sleeping Self  Portrait_1.jpg

32-Reeves_Diane_A Joy Shared_3.jpg

33-Reeves_Diane_Ties That Bind_2.jpg


Douglas Stockdale





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