The Verge Collective photo group

After Hours copyright by Tami Bahat.
Aboreal copyright by Tami Bahat.
Dependency copyright by Tami Bahat.
Inseparable copyright by Tami Bahat.
Urchin copyright by Tami Bahat.

I recently attended a photo exhibition by the Verge Collective at the Duncan Miller Gallery on Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles. Verge is a group of six young women photographers and, curiously, one male photographer. The photographers are Tami Bahat, Sarah Hadley Susan Swihart, Jamie Johnson, Marjorie Salvaterra, Claire Mallet and Rico Mandel.

All of the photographers in The Verge Collective are very talented and bring fresh and creative ideas to their work. Five of the women presented work that is very contemporary in both style and subject. The subjects of Sarah Hadley’s work are more traditional and that is reinforced by the fact that she prefers sepia tones. Rico Mandel’s work is black and white and focuses on the rhythms inherent in musical performances using a stringed instrument.

I will be showing some work from the Duncan Miller exhibition for each photographer over the next several weeks. Today I want to introduce you to Tami Bahat.

Tami was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved to Los Angeles when she was two years old. She began making photos when she was a teenager. She is self-taught meaning that she has no formal training but has taken various photo workshops. Tami told me that she started seriously focusing on fine art photography about five years ago.

I asked Tami to tell me a little about her work. Here is what she said:

My portraits are based on a deep love for people. I have had an immense fascination with them from the day I was born. I love the depth and complexity that resides in each and every one of us. My passion is to give my subjects the opportunity to reveal an inner piece of themselves, one that they may not normally feel comfortable enough to show. I love watching people transform into extraordinary art right in front of my eyes.


By Jim McKinniss




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