Mallory Morrison – Photographer

Emerge copyright by Mallory Morrison.
Shroud copyright by Mallory Morrison.
Recess copyright by Mallory Morrison.
The Path copyright by Mallory Morrison.


I met Mallory Morrison at PhotoLA in January. I was immediately impressed by the beautifully printed large photographs she had on display.

The photos shown on this blog post are from her Fog series. The photos in her other series such as the Air series are equally marvelous.

Here is what Mallory says about the Fog series.

In this series FOG, there are moments of fighting, desperation, release, calmness and resolve.  There is a feeling of being lost in the fog and trying to make your way through.  Whether you call in fate, making your own path, or finding yourself, we go through a process of creating our own happiness.  

During an unusually foggy week in Los Angeles, I found myself having a very visceral reaction to the weather and missing my native San Francisco.   I took that feeling of homesickness and the visual idea of fog and put it in the water. What came out the other end was a mirror into my sub-conscience.  The finished images told a deeper story than I had set out to tell.  The water gave my initial thoughts life and it felt like they grew into something more developed than I had planned.  When I put my subjects into the water environment, it bread very instinctive movements and raw emotions.  Through those moments captured, I found a story of my own journey.
You can see more of Mallory’s work at
By Jim McKinniss

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