tPE member Byong-Ho Kim to show his photography in the Recapture exhibition at Galerie Rheeway

Photo copyright by Byong-Ho Kim.
Photo copyright by Byong-Ho Kim.
Photo copyright by Byong-Ho Kim.


Galerie Rheeway is proud to host “Recapture” exhibition, a group show that explores the limits of photography in the 21st century. Most snapshots today unassumingly present an objective image, especially in the new age of social media and camera phones. The eleven artists in the show were selected to share refreshing approaches to photography as their practice loosely follows the mantra “photography as a medium.” In many of the works, the photographs are elevated beyond a “snapshot” and move into the subjective and intangible by the addition (or subtraction) of a secondary process. Some of these processes include: recalculating digital pixels with software, analogue painting, physical cutting and pasting, sculptural reforming, pre-engineering of materials and more. Regardless of which process the artist chooses to explore, a curiosity of the human is evident in all the works. This is where we find a new beauty in photography.


This show runs 05/24/2012 ~ 06/23/2012

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, May 24, 6-9 pm


Galerie Rheeway
3525 West 8th Street Suite no. 216 & 217
Los Angeles, CA 90005


For further information please contact Sukran or James.

Phone:  (213)-785-1121 / Email: / Web:

By Jim McKinniss

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