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tPE member Kathy Shapiro selected for Abstract Expressions at PhotoPlace Gallery

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Red Light Changing copyright by Kathy Shapiro


Kathy Shapiro’s photograph, Red Light Changing, has been selected for the upcoming Abstract Expressions exhibition at The PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont. The juror for this show is Carl Chiarenza.

According to Chiarenza:

Jurying the work submitted for Abstract Expressions was difficult because too many photographs were winners.  Too many had to be cut to reach 75; and no easier was the task of separating the 75 into groups of 40 and 35. As difficult as it was, it was also rewarding. While all photographs (and music, and the other arts) are both abstractions and expressions, those that draw us away from referential objects in the world toward stimulating our imaginations hold and exercise our own creativity. Such experiences are as unique as are the artists’ gifts. Thank you participants for giving us a moving, wide-ranging set of emotional, mental and physical experiences! And, thank you for reminding us that abstraction and expression are not limited to a brief moment in history.


This show runs: May 15th – June 9th, 2012


PhotoPlace Gallery is located at 3 Park Street in Middlebury, Vermont, just a few doors down from the Sheldon Museum in the center of town.
Hours: Tues. – Fri. 11-4, Sat. 10-2 or by appointment

Contact:  or phone 802 989 2359


By Jim McKinniss

Linda Alterwitz: In-Sight at Frank Pictures Gallery

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Image copyright by Linda Alterwitz.

Image copyright by Linda Alterwitz.

Image copyright by Linda Alterwitz.

Linda Alterwitz is a Las Vegas based multi-media artist. Having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Denver, Alterwitz spent 25 years working primarily in oils and acrylics painting and drawing on large canvases to create nonrepresentational paintings. She began exploring photography in 2006. With a vision that is painterly in nature, she digitally manipulates and layers together images to create large-scale, photographs. In-Sight, her first solo show at Frank Pictures, incorporates rephotographed PET scans (from hospital patients) into a contexturalized landscape of her imagining. Her philosophy addresses the constant challenge to keep a balance between the two sides of the brain: the logical and the creative. This duality is apparent throughout the body of her work, starting with her photographic equipment. Alterwitz uses both digital cameras and toy cameras. The high-tech digital cameras produce clear, factual images that are believable and acceptable in our right-brained world. In contrast, images shot on film by the low-tech, simple workings of plastic cameras capture a spontaneous altered world. Alterwitz’s inspiration, the inner workings of the human body and her external surrounding environment, plays with the dance of the two sides of the brain as well as the contradiction of fear and reassurance. Past personal struggles with medical issues were tempered by fond, childhood memories of playing in the sand dunes and forests of Gary, Indiana where Alterwitz grew up. It is this dichotomy that gives her work a comforting sense of familiarity while simultaneously creating tension. Alterwitz has exhibited her work throughout the United States and also in Tokyo, Japan, San Sebastian, Spain, United Kingdom, and Israel. Her most recent solo exhibition “Linda Alterwitz: Discarded Dreams” was at LACDA, Los Angeles, CA. Recent group exhibitions including “The Art of Photography Show” (San Diego, CA) Project Basho’s “Onward’11” (Philidelphia, PA), NYU (New York, NY),, Rogue Space Chelsea (New York, NY) 1212 Gallery (Richmond, VA), Newspace Center for Photoraphy (Portland, OR) Texas Photographic Society, (San Antonio, TX) SilverEye Center for Photography, (Pittsburg, PA) Photoplace Gallery, (Middlebury, VT), and The Julia Dean Photo Workshop Gallery, (Venice, CA) among other national and international juried competitions.

This exhibition runs through May 28, 2012

Frank Pictures Gallery is located at:

2525 Michigan Ave. A5 Santa Monica, CA 90404 
Tuesday – Saturday 11:30 – 6:30 | 310.828.0211

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Herb Ritts: L.A. Style at the Getty

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Image copyright by Herb Ritts estate.


Image copyright by Herb Ritts estate.


Image copyright by Herb Ritts estate.


Image copyright by Herb Ritts estate.

Herb Ritts’s photography is the obverse of AIDS. Populated by impossibly beautiful young people with impossibly perfect bodies frolicking in the outdoors, they are the picture of perfect health—and as such the polar opposite of the wan, cadaverous figures then increasingly visible as AIDS slowly lurched into public view. There are plenty of gay people in this aestheticized world, but straights too, women as well as men, black as well as white, a polymorphous collectivity of erotic desire that effortlessly transcended the then ubiquitous markers of identity mobilized to segregate the presumptively uninfected from those of us marked to die. Here the body, the newly declared enemy of an ever-larger segment of the gay community, reigns supreme, its possibilities and pleasures scopically available in an obverse relation to physical risk.

Herb Ritts’s career as a photographer neatly maps over the ravages of AIDS. In this talk, Jonathan Katz resituates Ritts’s work in the social and cultural context of the worst years of the plague, and argues that his commercial and critical import stem in large part from the fact that he was an openly gay photographer who nonetheless proffered a utopian dream of a time before the prospect of Eros was inevitably fused with the specter of Thanatos.


This exhibition runs April 3 through August 26, 2012


J. Paul Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1687

Phone: +1 (310) 440-7330
E-mail: (for general Museum inquiries)


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Wonderland by Husvar

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Photo copyright by Husvar


Photo copyright by Husvar


Photo copyright by Husvar


I stumbled upon this work by accident. I thought the images are worth posting even though I  know little about the photographer/artist. There  is a lot of information about this work on the following link:


By Jim McKinniss


Alex Prager’s “Complusion” at M+B Gallery

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Photo copyright by Alex Prager


Photo copyright by Alex Prager


M+B is pleased to present Compulsion, an exhibition of new work by contemporary artist Alex Prager. The exhibition will feature a selection of color photographs from the series, as well as the artist’s new short film, La Petite Mort, with accompanying film stills. The exhibition will be shown simultaneously in Los Angeles, New York and London. 

MoMA curator Roxana Marcoci has described Prager’s work as “intentionally loaded,” saying “it reminds me of silent movies — there is something pregnant, about to happen, a mix of desire and angst.” Prager’s new work furthers her exploration of subversive narratives through the construction of “scenes” inspired by media tragedies and paired with emotive close-ups of eyes. The eyes, whether interpreted as belonging to the viewer or the subject, operate as a mode of investigation — an aid to decoding the scenes and implicating the viewer by provoking an emotional response.

Inspired by the photography of Weegee and Enrique Metinides and films such as Metropolis and Un Chien Andalou, Compulsion confirms Prager’s vivid cinematic aesthetic. Unlike her previous work, however, the protagonists now remain anonymous and distant. Prager’s new series investigates the complexity of observation within a society inundated by compulsive spectators, as well as the recurrent discourse in photography — that “meaning” is often derived from a multiplicity of gazes.

In addition to provocative juxtapositions, Prager manipulates the scenes through her choice of cropping, continually interrogating the truth content within photography — a trope as old as the medium itself. As artist John Baldessari has noted: “For most of us photography stands for the truth, but a good artist can make a harder truth by manipulating forms . . . It fascinates me how [one] can manipulate the truth so easily by the way [you] juxtapose opposites or crop the image or take it out of context.” Prager’s altered and manufactured scenes, in conjunction with the evocative eyes remove the images from their original context and allow them to acquire new associations.

In her new short film, La Petite Mort, starring French actress Judith Godrèche, Prager navigates the mysteries of death through a woman experiencing the boundaries of her body and those of this world. Prager’s La Petite Mort (which literally translates to “the little death,” but is a common French expression for an orgasm) declares that “the act of dying and the act of transcendent love are two experiences cut from the same cloth — the former a grand exit, and the latter a slow escape. Indeed, many of the world’s greatest poets have long considered a passionate interlude as man’s closest moment to seeing god.” The film features music by composer Ali Helnwein and Director of Photography Matthew Libatique (Black Swan, Iron Man, Requiem for a Dream).

Born in 1979, Alex Prager is a self-taught photographer who lives in Los Angeles, California. Featured in MoMA’s New Photography 2010, Prager’s work has been exhibited at institutions worldwide. Additionally, her photographs are in the permanent collection of several major museums, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), the San Francisco Museum of Art and the Moderna Museet (Stockholm). Her work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Vogue, W Magazine and Art in America.

Compulsion runs from April 7 through March 12, 2012, with an opening reception for the artist on Saturday, April 7 from 6 to 8 pm.

For further information, please contact Shannon Richardson at (310) 550-0050, or visit our website at

M+B is located at:
Phone: 310-550-0050


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tPE member Kathy Shapiro work selected for Create:Fixate’s All Photography Show

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Beige Orange copyright by Kathy Shapiro

Blue Into Pink copyright by Kathy Shapiro

Red Center copyright by Kathy Shapiro

Snap Flash 2012 will present an array of images adhering to the premise that life can reside in a single moment in time – and in that mile-second, a whole story can be told.

This show will honor moments in time that would have never been shared without the presence of a photographer and their remarkable vision.

Create:Fixate’s Mission:

Create:Fixate is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and bringing together a community where creativity is a catalyst of expression and dialogue. Through festive art exhibits, the organization exposes new talent in a professional environment along with attracting  and cultivating a new generation of art lovers. These events attract new art enthusiasts through artist involvement, community outreach, and education programs.


  • Enhance artists’ ability to connect to their audience
  • Increase appreciation of art in today’s culture
  • Increase access to the arts and arts education for teens and at-risk youth
  • Develop a community of artists and supporters

Founded in 2001, Create:Fixate has quickly become a central hub of the Los Angeles arts community, with plans to expand nationally and around the world. Quarterly multi-media events draw in a blend of aural and visual arts, generating a fresh dynamic atmosphere for art appreciation that mirrors the diversity of Los Angeles itself. Average attendance at each event is 1,200 people, and Create:Fixate serves as a destination for the evening.

Create:Fixate’s programs are geared towards promoting artists who have significant bodies of work but lack resources for self-promotion and exposure, peer affiliation or creative growth. Themed art events allow artists and patrons to explore and express ground-breaking ideas and address current social issues through art. Such topics include Earth Day, Politics, Transformation, Love-Beauty-Desire, and our annual All Photography Show.

The combination of Create:Fixate’s art shows and partnerships with other cultural events has established the organization as the place to discover emerging talent.  Create:Fixate crosses different neighborhoods and reaches audiences of every ethnicity and economic level. The audience is drawn to a unique and powerful blend of art and music – an open, relaxed atmosphere that offers an alternative to a traditional gallery setting.

Create:Fixate has humble roots in a private downtown loft art party, but has grown over the years into a full-blown arts organization credited for launching the careers of many local artists and musicians. Beyond Create:Fixate’s events, the organization has hosted seminars for its community, participated in various art walks across Los Angeles, producedCreate:Fixate Volume 1– a music compilation CD promoting local musicians, has expanded its programs to include community outreach directed towards high school students and at-risk youth through the 8 Sundays High School Program, and continues to offer the Kids Kreativity Zone at each event so families can explore art and their own creativity together. Earlier this year Create:Fixate launched its new website and is currently enhancing its features to continue promoting the emerging talent the organization dearly believes in.

Equally important are the patrons! Create:Fixate is grateful for their continued support and is proud to assist in the cultivation of new art collectors of our generation and music enthusiasts! Create:Fixate’s Patron Program was introduced in early 2008 and membership is on the up and up! Members enjoy special benefits such as admission discounts, private event entrance, discounts on art purchases, future member-only soirees, plus more depending on what level you join! Lastly, Create:Fixate’s newest program Best in Show brings out the art critic in all our event guests and allows patrons to vote for their favorite artists in the show. The top three artists are rewarded with prizes from participating sponsors plus patrons are entered into a drawing as well – it’s a win-win situation! At the ripe young age of 9, Create:Fixate is ambitious as ever helping to keep Los Angeles thriving with art, music, and everything creative!

This show opens Saturday, April 28, 2012 : 7pm – 2am

Be sure to see

*Kids Kreativity Zone During Preview*

By  Jim McKinniss

Duncan Miller Gallery is moving to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica

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Photo copyright by Duncan Miller Gallery


Fine art photography specialist Duncan Miller Gallery is opening a new gallery space in Santa Monica’s art complex Bergamot Station.

A gala reception on April 20th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., celebrates the gallery opening – and features the opening exhibition of the haunting, black-and-white photographs of Polish-born artist Roman Loranc.


“Bergamot Station brings our classic-through-contemporary gallery programming to a new audience,” gallery owner Daniel Miller says. “Our new gallery there has a terrific exhibition space.”
“I travel widely — Europe, Asia, and through the Americas — to discover and find special photographic works for our collectors,” he explains.

That dedication and the gallery’s infamous attentiveness appeal to its collectors, both seasoned and new: “Caring, personal service is one of our specialties,” Miller says.

Indeed, Duncan Miller Gallery gives Bergamot Station a dynamic new focal point!


Duncan Miller Gallery is currently located at 10959 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

 The new address is at Bergamot Station Michigan Ave, Unit A7, Santa Monica, CA 90404


Phone: 310-838-2440   or email:

You can also see them on facebook



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Annie Seaton and Cynthia Greig at dnj Gallery

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Image copyright by Annie Seaton

Image copyright by Annie Seaton

Image copyright by Annie Seaton

Image copyright by Cynthia Greig

Image copyright by Cynthia Greig


Image copyright by Cynthia Creig


dnj Gallery is pleased to announce two upcoming exhibitions:  “Slick,” by Annie Seaton will be exhibited in the main gallery space. Gallery II will feature “Nature Morte” by Cynthia Greig.

The surf’s always up for the figures in Seaton’s “Slick.” Armed with her camera, Seaton becomes a “surf voyeur,” capturing the variety of surf culture, from surf gangs to multi-generational surf families. In “Slick” she again combines photography with painterly ink washes to evoke the pure joy she associates with time spent at the beach. By focusing on such positive emotions, however, Seaton is also responding to life’s difficulties and constraints. Seaton says, “life comes in waves and all its crests and troughs; sometimes pounding and ominous and sometimes gentle and heartening.”

Trained as a painter, Seaton has incorporated photographs into her work since 2008. She has exhibited her work throughout the West Coast and Canada for the past decade and has had her work featured in several publications. This is Seaton’s second solo show at dnj Gallery.

In Gallery II, dnj Gallery will be exhibiting Greig’s work, in which she revisits her unique method of photographing a three dimensional object with a given appearance of a two dimensional line drawing. Greig uses ordinary house paint to whitewash objects. After drawing crude outlines on these objects, she photographs them in still life arrangements. By confusing two distinct means of representation–photography and drawing–Greig explores the boundaries of photography and questions how we form our beliefs about what is real or true. “Nature Morte revisits the tradition of still life to further explore the illusory and documentary nature of the photograph in relation to the vanitas themes of death, decay, and ephemerality.”

Greig’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the country as well as internationally. Most recently, the Oakland University Art Gallery in Rochester, Michigan, held an exhibition of her work entitled, “Cynthia Greig: Subverting the (un)Conventional.” Her photographs are included in the collections of the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL. “Nature Morte” is Greig’s second solo exhibition at dnj Gallery. Greig lives and works in Detroit.

This  show runs  from April 21 through June 2, 2012

Artist Reception: Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 6-8pm

dnj Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, Suite J1
Santa Monica, California 90404



Follow dnj Gallery on Facebook. Simply log on to your Facebook account or, register for one by clicking on the Facebook link provided here.


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Katina Desmond “Reflecting Presence” at Tah Gallery

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Photo copyright by Katina Desmond


Photo copyright by Katina Desmond


Photo copyright by Katina Desmond


Tah Gallery is very pleased to present Katina Desmond’s series of photographs from nature entitled “Reflecting Presence” – an intriguing selection of hand-painted silver gelatin photographs and archival pigment prints. Dedicated to elevating the beauty and spirit of the natural world to a new level of expression, Katina creates multi-dimensional, dream-like imagery. Her work is imbued with a synthesis of vibrant energy and emotive density – an amalgamation in which two or more distinct layers merge to form a unique effect. Each photograph is transformed masterfully, allowing the viewer to see the world in a new light.


Included in the show are colorfully painted photographs of powerful, enigmatic trees and nature scenes, along with compellingly meditative water ripple images digitally printed on dye-infused aluminum surfaces, archival pigment prints, and multi-media collage works.


Celebrating the theme of MOPLA 2012 (Intersect: An Exploration of Innovation and Technology in Contemporary Photography), Desmond’s work bridges traditional and somewhat forgotten photographic methods with current modes in photographic technology.


Katina Desmond is an award winning artist with works included in numerous public, private, national and international collections. She is a founding member of 4260 Black & White Photographers Guild, a board member of Pasadena Society of Artists, and a member of Los Angeles Art Association. She currently works and resides in Pasadena, California.

The exhibition will run through Sunday, April 29, 2012.

Gallery hours: Daily – noon to 5 p.m.

Tah Gallery.1015 Mission Street, South Pasadena, California 91030

Phone: 626.441.6846



By Jim McKinniss