tPE member Ellen Butler selected for Gallery Expo exhibition

Image copyright by Ellen Butler.
Image copyright by Ellen Butler

Enjoy a collection of art work created by Long Beach and  Los Angeles area artists. Paintings (watercolors, oils, pastels), mixed media, drawings, sculptures, installations and photography.

Gallery Expo is a gallery dedicated to all artists, not just artists with the potential to become great. And, while we have some exceptional artists participating in our exhibits who are masters of their craft, we are also proud to be host to a wonderful array of emerging and upcoming artists.

Gallery Expo is committed to supporting and promoting artists and their work. While we do not limit our space to only Long Beach artists, we strongly believe in and promote the wealth of creativity that exists in our city and its surrounding areas.

Our exhibitions are usually thematic and, oftentimes, are interpreted, from each artist’s unique perspective, and designed to spark thought and discussion.  The gallery serves as a place where people can come together to discover the various cultures, traditions, lifestyles and philosophies that exist. So, come visit us, and come think and discuss art, and its power and influence in our lives. 

Artists’ reception will be held Sat., January 21, from 6-8 pm.

Exhibit runs through Jan. 27.

Location: The gallery is located in Bixby Knolls, in the EXPO Arts Center.

 4321 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807

Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 4 – 8 pm

Phone: 562-427-7617

Contact: Douglas C. Orr  or  David Rodriguez


By Jim McKinniss

4 thoughts on “tPE member Ellen Butler selected for Gallery Expo exhibition

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  1. The opening reception should be worth attending just to see Ellen’s pieces. The contact info for the gallery is:
    Address: 4321 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807. Located in the EXPO Arts Center.


    Phone: 562-427-7617 Message; 562-208-4226 Cell

    Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays from 4 to 8 pm.

    1. Doug, that is great news! I’m looking forward to the reception; it sounds like you have a full evening planned.

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