Photographer Irma Haselberger

        I became familiar with Irma Haselberger’s photography via a closed group on Facebook. I was immediately struck by the visual impact of her photos and how they resonate with my personal aesthetic and emotions. Irma Haselberger has been working as an artist and architect in Vienna for 25 years. Mostly her... Continue Reading →

Zoo Photos: Britta Jaschinski

    I've written about The London Column in previous posts on this blog.  The London Column describes itself as "Pictorial reports from the life of a city, 1951-2011." One thing I like about Lc is that the American reader is presented with a non-American perspective on photography. The articles and photos found on this... Continue Reading →

“Then and Now” exhibition at dnj Gallery

      In conjunction with Pacific Standard Time, dnj Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition “Then and Now,” a group exhibition consisting of eight Southern California photographers: Darryl J. Curran, Robert Fichter, Robert Flick, Suda House, Patrick Nagatani, Jane O’Neal, Susan Rankaitis and Robert von Sternberg. In the late sixties and seventies,... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Conversation: Beth Gates Warren

  The following article appeared in the Entertainment section of The Los Angeles Times on December 4, 2011. The article was written by Irene Lacher. This article is copyrighted by the appropriate parties. The author of 'Artful Lives: Edward Weston, Margrethe Mather and the Bohemians of Los Angeles' discusses the artist, his muse and his... Continue Reading →

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