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Leonard Nimoy’s “Secret Selves” lecture at the Hammer Museum

Posted in Art Museums, Photograph Exhibits, Photographers, Photography by Jim McKinniss on September 7, 2011

Photo copyright by Leonard Nimoy


Photo copyright by Leonard Nimoy


Photo copyright by Leonard Nimoy


Actor turned photographer/folk anthropologist Leonard Nimoy discusses his photographic project, Secret Selves. Inspired by the Greek mythological idea that ever since Zeus split humans in two each person has been searching for his or her other half to feel complete, Nimoy asked subjects to reveal their hidden halves in front of his camera. The result is a collection of more than 100 portraits and interviews that explore humanity’s alternate self. Nimoy will discuss what was revealed about his own secret self while capturing others’.

ALL HAMMER PUBLIC PROGRAMS ARE FREE. Hammer members receive priority seating, subject to availability. Reservations not accepted, RSVPs not required.

Parking is available under the museum for $3 after 6:00pm.

This lecture is given September 13, 2011 at 7:00pm 

The Hammer Museum is located at 10899 Wilshire Blvd,  Los Angeles. Phone: (310) 443-7000


By Jim McKinnis

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