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What is a Lightjet print?

Posted in Photography by Jim McKinniss on April 25, 2011

I was asked this question by some friends on a recent trip to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA recently. It is a question I’ve been asked many times so I thought I’d give an answer on the Photo Exchange. The following is a quote taken directly from Wikipedia:

LightJet is a trademark of Océ Display Graphics Systems, a division of Océ N.V. (the company that acquired Cymbolic Sciences, Inc.) for a process of printing digital images to photographic paper and film, and for the corresponding hardware.

Unexposed silver-halide photographic paper is temporarily fixed on an internal drum, where three digitally controlled lasers simultaneously expose the photo-sensitive emulsion on the paper medium (or back-lit transparency medium) with red, green, and blue light. The amount of light from each laser varies to provide specific color and density values for each pixel imaged to the print. The light-path includes a spinning surface coated mirror mounted on an air-bearing that travels along the axis of the internal drum, thus reflecting the laser light at 90 degrees allowing for a dimensionally consistent round imaging dot across the entire area of the photographic paper. The purpose of this round imaging dot is to maintain edge to edge sharpness on the final print. The print is then processed using traditional photochemical means. After which, the photographic print is handled just as any other photo-print.

Whereas xerography and inkjet printing employ a halftone process and ink to reproduce digital images on paper, LightJet is a photographic continuous tone process rather than halftone or error diffusion which are common on offset press or ink-jet. The device natively supports 24bit RGB raster files, and is capable printing vector based files when fronted by a photographic Raster Image Processor (RIP). Since 24 bit color continuous tone devices use large multitudes of colors, up to 16,777,216, rather than the small number of colors available to 4-color press and 8-color ink-jet type devices Posterization and banding are unlikely from these types of prints when provided with a file of good integrity.

LightJet printers and film recorders are used by a number of professional-level photographic printing firms (located in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa) and are available via the internet. Most deliver a final product printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive or Kodak Endura paper in sizes up to at least 4×10 feet (Thompson). Other Silver-Halide based materials can be printed on laser driven devices such as the LightJet.

The original LightJet image recorder was introduced at PMA in 1995. The first version of the product was the LightJet2000, a three-laser continuous-tone film recorder (the selling price was US$195,000). Its maximum image size was 11×14 inches. The LightJet2000 largely replaced the Fire1000 film recorder.

The LightJet5000 large-format printer was introduced at PMA in 1996. The product produced continuous-tone photographic prints and Duratrans up to 50×50 inches. In 1997 a version capable of printing to a dimensional size limit of 50×100 inches was introduced.

The Oce LightJet430 50″ x 120″ photo laser printer was introduced in 2000. The 76″ x 120″ wide Océ LightJet500XL printer was introduced in 2002.”

By Jim McKinniss

Michael Eastman exhibit “Plexagraph” at DNJ Gallery

Posted in Photo Galleries, Photograph Exhibits, Photographers, Photography by Jim McKinniss on April 25, 2011

Photo copyright by Michael Eastman

Photo copyright by Michael Eastman

Photo copyright by Maria Luisa Morando

dnj Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition of the newest work by the artist Michael Eastman, entitled “Plexagraphs.” In Gallery II, we present the artist Maria Luisa Morando with her current series, “Silver.”

Michael Eastman’s prior work featured photographs of richly colored American landscapes and captivating architectural settings. In this new series, he focuses on muchsmaller objects, windows and building design elements. As before, Eastman portrays a nostalgic elegance. But the artwork is as much about the presentation of the photograph, as the photograph itself. Eastman has developed a new process (patent pending), in which he uses a multi-layered, laminated printing process using digital C-print material and high optical plexiglass. As he states, “I have worked with all kind of mediums and surfaces and techniques that seemed to mostly artify the surface of the image but left the image still only representational. After years of exploration, I discovered a new medium that enabled me to create abstractions and print them so they now were my photographs of my paintings.”

This is Michael Eastman’s second solo show with dnj Gallery. He has exhibited across the country and his work is included in several esteemed institutions, such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The International Center of Photography, The High Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Maria Luisa Morando continues her comments on the ocean and the landscape of the coast. Like memories, her images are both familiar and elusive. Morando’s intentionally overexposed images erase the distracting details in the landscape and provide a moment or time without limit. Her scenes offer a true sense of space. As the art critic Michael Buitrón writes, “Because of the lack of sharp detail, it becomes impossible to explore the images for their specificity, and instead they open up and play to any seaside memory the viewer cares to pour into them.”

Maria Luisa Morando is collected privately throughout England, France and Italy and recently sold two photographs at the Foundation For Woman Artists in London England. She has exhibited across the United States, with an emphasis in Southern California. Please contact the gallery for more information or images.

EXHIBITION: Michael Eastman — “Plexagraphs”

Gallery II: Maria Luisa – “Silver”

SHOW DATES: March 26 – May 28, 2011

GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday — 10 am – 6 pm

By Jim McKinniss

Photos without cameras call for entries at Rayko Photo Center

Posted in Photo Galleries, Photograph Exhibits, Photographers, Photography by Jim McKinniss on April 22, 2011

California Poppies - photo copyright by Mary Celojko

RayKo Photo Center will be hosting an exhibition of photographic work made without cameras in our main gallery. This is an open call for creations of your imagination, photograms, scan portraits, lumen prints, chemigrams, and laptopograms, just to name a few processes. All work must be original and works previously shown at RayKo are not eligible.


Ann Jastrab, MFA, is a fine art photographer, master printer, and teacher. She is currently the Gallery Director at RayKo Photo Center. The RayKo Gallery offers over 1600 square feet of exhibition space and presents eight to ten shows annually featuring nationally recognized artists. Ann regularly participates as a juror and reviewer for a multitude of organizations: the SF Arts Commission, Academy of Art in SF, Artspan, SF Art Institute, Fotofest, Photolucida, Review Santa Fe, Review LA, PhotoAlliance, SPE, Fotovision, Click646, and Critical Mass. She has also taught at the Maine Media Workshops since 1994.

Online submissions may be uploaded until 11:59pm, May 1, 2011. Snail mail submissions must be postmarked by May 1, 2011. Any late submissions will not be reviewed.
For more information and details please visit the Rayko website:

By Jim McKinniss

Jo Babcock: “The Invented Camera” at Duncan Miller Gallery

Posted in Photo Galleries, Photograph Exhibits, Photographers, Photography by Jim McKinniss on April 22, 2011

Paint Can Camera - Painter on scaffold photograph Copyright by Jo Babcock

Jo Babcock makes cameras out of found objects, each designed to create a single photograph. Some pairings allow the viewer to suspend disbelief and become the object — as a Band Aid box viewing its patient; a detergent box studies a coin-operated washing machine; a gasoline can observing an abandoned gas station.

After its brief career, each camera becomes a sculptural art object, as presented and offered together with its photograph. These one-of-a-kind paired sets keep the codependent relationships intact.

This show runs MARCH 10, 2011 – APRIL 23, 2011

ADDRESS: 10959 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

Contact: Tel: 310 838 2440

By Jim McKinniss

5th Biennial Mid-City Studio Tour of Long Beach

Posted in Photograph Exhibits, Photographers, Photography by Jim McKinniss on April 13, 2011


The tour will be on Saturday June 4, 2011 and Sunday June 5, 2011. There will be a show preview “From East to West” May 14 – May 31, 2011.

Opening Reception is May 14 from 7 – 9 pm.

Greenly Art Space

2698 Junipero Ave. #113

Signal Hill, CA 90755


Long Beach, CA—Long Beach artists will open their studios on Saturday and Sunday, June 4th and 5th, 2011 from 11 AM to 5 PM. The public is invited to see a diverse range of art works, including paintings, mixed media constructions, handmade artists’ books, prints, photographs, and jewelry.

The free event is called The Mid-City Studio Tour because of the neighborhood locations of the artists’ studios within Long Beach. This fifth biennial program celebrates the vital visual artist community in this city. Sue Ann Robinson, known nationally for her innovative, handmade artist’s books, comments, “There are many wonderful, creative artists in this area who outnumber the arts venues available to present work to the public. The Mid-City Studio Tour provides a special opportunity to see artists’ environments and processes.”

Invitations and maps for this self-guided studio tour are available before the event at Greenly Art Space (2698 Junipero Avenue #113 in Signal Hill), Long Beach Museum of Art (2300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach 90803), Free Spirit Yoga (3910 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach 90807), Arts  Council for Long Beach (110 Pine Avenue, Long Beach 90802), Utopia (445 E 1st St Long Beach, CA 90802), and various It’s a Grind coffee houses in the mid-city area.

Please visit our website for images, more information about the artists, and the tour map.

The Mid-City Studio Tour is sponsored by Arts Council for Long Beach and It’s a Grind coffee houses in the mid-city area.


CONTACT:  Gail Werner/Slater Barron


This show features photography, painting, ceramics, and other meida


By Jim McKinniss


John A. Stewart wins award at 2nd City Council Gallery show

Posted in Photo Galleries, Photograph Exhibits, Photographers, Photography by Jim McKinniss on April 12, 2011

Eastern Oregon Landscape copyright by John A. Stewart

John A. Stewart’s photo “Eastern Oregon Landscape” was awarded 3rd place at the “Earth” show which is currently running at 2nd City Council Gallery in Long Beach.

According to Stewart “While driving in Eastern Oregon, an unusual pattern caught my eye. The way things aligned caused me to stop, get out my 4×5 view camera and make this photo. It was dangerous on the highway. I attempted to take a second photo, but it was ruined by the vibration of a large truck. Only this image remains.

This photograph captures the rapidly changing landscape of America. The modern highway dominates the image with active lines.  Its vertical marker, like a gun sight, appears to put the furrowed farmland in its sights, ready to claim the land for its own.”

2nd City Council Gallery is located at:

435 Alamitos Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802-1643
(562) 901-0997

By  Jim McKinniss

SoFoBoMo 2011

Posted in Photographers, Photography, tPE members by douglaspstockdale on April 8, 2011

As I just announced on The PhotoBook, for those who have a strong interest in developing their own photobook but have putting it off for what seems too long, then SoFoBoMo 2011 is for you. Likewise, if you are one who has been frequently developing photobooks and looking for an interesting opportunity and a sense of community, like wise, SoFoBoMo 2011 is for you.

SoFoBoMo (Solo Foto Book Month) is the opportunity to photograph and create a book in a thirty day period, anytime between July 1st and August 31st. The rules are easy and can be found on the orgainzation’s web site.

As some of you remember, back in 2009 I was one of those who helped start SoFoBoMo and so I have published on my blog Singular Images some hints on how to be successful with this event. If you are interesting in discussing SoFoBoMo, we can do so at the April members meeting later this month. (Yes, I do plan to be in town that week!)

Best regards, Doug

Dragomir Vukovic

Posted in Photographers, Photography by Jim McKinniss on April 6, 2011

Fly-on-one copyright by Dragomir Vukovic

Meditation copyright by Dragomir Vukovic

Why are you here copyright by Dragomir Vukovic

Every once in a while you discover the work of a photographer that resonates with you. This is what happened to me when I discovered the work of Dragomir Vukovic on the FotoCommunity website. Dragomir’s has a vision that he explores through photography. He has an amazing ability to create powerful photos, many of which have minimal content, through his superb framing.

You can see more of Dragomir’s photos at

By Jim McKinniss

Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography at OCCCA

Posted in Photograph Exhibits, Photographers, Photography, tPE members by douglaspstockdale on April 2, 2011

Opening tonight – Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography at OCCCA

Exhibiting the beauty and edginess that comes out of the minds of some of the world’s best iPhone photographers, OCCCA is excited to present Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography.

All of the photos in this exhibition were shot and processed using an iPhone camera. Unique vision along with the vast selection of photo-processing applications available on the iPhone has allowed each artist to create stunning images which reflect their true personalities. From minimal to abstract, black and white to extreme color, subtle to hard graphic, true emotion can be found in these photos.

With the advent of digital photography, the art form went through an enormous revolution, one which was not at first fully embraced by the chemical-clad photographic community. Over time, tolerance of this new method of capturing light became more common, and digital photography has since been thrust into acceptance, even by hard core traditionalists. Since then, the cameras themselves have undergone numerous refinements, and now, with the addition of smartphones to the light-gathering lineup, it’s possible to shoot, process, and upload photos to the world right from the palm of your hand.”
-Curator Jeff T. Alu

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OOCCA)
117 North Sycamore, Santa Ana, CA. 92701 USA
In conjunction with the Santa Ana Artwalk
Event Invite:

Exhibition dates: March 31 – April 28, 2011
Opening: Saturday, April 2, 2011, 6 PM-10 PM
Curated by Knox Bronson, Jeff T. Alu, Daniel Berman, and Maia Panos