Diane Reeves given “Eye Opener” award at 2nd City Council Gallery


"Last Stop" copyright by Diane Reeves


Long time Photographers’ Exchange member Diane Reeves received the “Eye Opener” at the reception for the Dia de los Muertos show. Diane’s work, “Last Stop,” is a mixed media piece.

I spoke with Ellen Butler who is on the board of directors for 2nd City Council Gallery about Diane’s work.

Says Butler, “Her work always opens our eyes to new ideas, new approaches, connects us to feelings we want to deny, or feelings we’ve forgotten we had, or it reminds us of what it is to be human, of what is important in this world (i.e., connection via communication, in all its many forms).   This new piece especially, ‘Last Stop’ (with her two word statement, For Dad), is technically flawless but more importantly, aesthetically intriguing.  Seemingly simple, it draws the viewer in deeper and deeper as one watches the piece, and all its layers and depth of meaning are slowly revealed.”

Dia de los Muertos offers the gallery visitor a chance to explore the concepts of “Day of the Dead” from the multiple perspectives of various cultural groups. The artists who are showcased in the gallery for this show use a variety of media and artistic styles to express their interpretation of the show’s theme.

By Jim McKinniss

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