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Frank Cancian – seen in London

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Waterstone’s Grower Steet Bookstore, London Copyright 2010 Douglas Stockdale

While in London, I dropped into Waterstone’s Grower Street Bookstore, a huge bookstore with a very diverse and broad range of books. As a testimony of the broad range of books, I found Frank Cancian‘s photobook “Orange County Hosekeepers” among the available photography books, above. Since I already have a copy (signed by Frank no less), I passed on purchasing yet another copy. Congratulations Frank on being such an International known photographer!

I did not leave this book store empty-handed.  Although their selection of new photobooks is very extensive, I found another wonderful value, a “used” copy in the second-hand shelves a 2010 second edition of John Gossage’s “Pond“, published by Aperture. As the clerk told me, she had just placed this photobook on the shelf yesterday and she was sorely temped to purchase it herself. Selfishly, I am glad she did not. I will be reviewing “Pond” later this year on The PhotoBook.

You can never tell when and where members of the Photographers Exchange will suddenly appear! ;- )

Best regards, Douglas

Doug Stockdale publishes experimental virtual photo book

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Photo "John" copyright by Doug Stockdale

Photographers’ Exchange member Douglas Stockdale has published an experimental virtual  photo book that is powered by a dedicated blog. The photo book is called “Milan Fashion Week” and can be viewed at


The images on the website are  presented in a random vertical sequence which  is meant to simulate the way you might recall your life experiences.

I spoke with Doug about the idea behind the project. Here is some of what he had to say:

“Although the project has a named place, which is where all of the photographs were created, the photographs are mostly ambiguous as to a place or location. I am investigating self-identify, expectations, social messages about conformity and sexuality and indirectly about the existence of fashion, all laced with an undercurrent of social satire.”

Doug went on to say:

“The backbone of this presentation is a project dedicated blog that is sized to allow all of the photographs to be viewed sequentially on the same page. I had implemented the option of creating a separate blog post for each photograph to allow for more creative editing, captioning, and the ability to add text to establishing additional context if necessary. It also allows potential comments and interaction for each photograph.”

Currently there is no traditional printed book available for “Milan Fashion Week” although Doug is considering that possibility.


By Jim McKinniss


Photographers’ Exchange member Brad Kim selected for Irvine Fine Arts Center 2010 All Media show

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"Emily's Day" copyright by Brad Kim


"Claire's Night" copyright by Brad Kim

In the list of artists who were accepted into the 2010 All Media show, I overlooked Brad Kim. Fortunately, I am able to correct that error here. Brad’s work is not to be missed.


For additional information on the Irvine Fine Arts Center and the All Media show please refer to the October 23, 2010 posting below.


By Jim McKinniss


Photo Exchange member Ellen Butler selected for participation into the 2010 All Media show at Irvine Fine Arts

Book "Come Home Again". All rights reserved by Ellen Butler

Long time member of the Photographers’ Exchange, Ellen Butler, has been selected as one of the participating artists in this year’s All Media show at Irvine Fine Arts Center.  Ellen’s work is a mixed media piece that combines photography with found objects and hand made paper and is presented in the form of a book. She has titled the work “Come Home Again”. This book is one of  her most recent works from her on-going book project.


The juror for this year’s show is Karen Moss deputy director of Exhibitions and Programs at the Orange County Museum of Art.

The show runs from November 19, 2010 through January 22, 2011.

Artist Reception is  Friday, November 19 from 5-8 pm.


For more information contact The Irvine Fine Arts Center

14321 Yale Ave., , Irvine, CA, 92604
(949) 724-6880


By Jim McKinniss

Photo Exchange Members Barbara Ruffini and Hal Myers accepted into 2010 All Media Show at Irvine Fine Arts Center

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"Hemingway Summer" copyright by Barbara Ruffini


"Italian Mod Ocean" copyright by Barbara Ruffini


"The Winner" copyright by Hal Myers


"Sky Dive" copyright by Hal Myers

The photography of Barbara Ruffini and Hal Myers has been accepted into the 2010 All Media Show at the Irvine Fine Arts Center. This is an annual art show that is open to all Southern California artists. The show features two and three-dimensional art including photography, painting, pottery, sculpture, print making, book arts, ceramics digital media and more.

The juror for this year’s show is Karen Moss deputy director of Exhibitions and Programs at the Orange County Museum of Art.

The show runs from November 19, 2010 through January 22, 2011.

Artist Reception is  Friday, November 19 from 5-8 pm.


For more information contact The Irvine Fine Arts Center

14321 Yale Ave., , Irvine, CA, 92604
(949) 724-6880


By Jim McKinniss


Passing: Richard C. Miller

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Photo copyright by Richard C. Miller



Photo copyright by Richard C. Miller


The following is an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times on October 16, 2010. Copyright by the Los Angeles Times.

“He was way ahead of his time,” said Craig Krull. “When he photographed the Hollywood Freeway, nobody at that time was thinking about photographing a project like that for artistic purposes.”

There were also images of an evolving Los Angeles, “‘snapshots’ of a city coming into its own,” The Times said earlier this year, as well as Miller’s signature prints made with the Carbro process, a complex and now-arcane color-printing technique that produces vibrant archival-quality prints from pigments rather than dye.

Never one for self-promotion, Miller rarely exhibited his work. Three books featuring his photographs were first printed in 2009, the year he turned 97.

To read the complete Times article go to,0,1022176.story

You can also read more about Miller at

By Jim McKinniss

Photo Exchange members Bill Collins and Diane Reeves at 2nd City Council Art Gallery

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Photo copyright by Bill Collins

Photo "Last Stop" copyright by Diane Reeves

2nd City Council Art Gallery located in Long Beach, CA is one of the area’s finest community galleries.  The gallery presents  to the public the wealth of creativity that exists in the local art community and in greater California.

2nd City Council Art Gallery is honored to participate in a traditional neighborhood celebration of Dia de los Muertos. Each year, our neighbor’s apartment complex and courtyard becomes a magical place where altars, candlelight, marigolds, dancing and live music fill the air. The gallery hosts an exhibition inside and our garden is transformed with calacas, art workshops and delicious food. Gates open wide between neighbors to welcome and exchange of culture, art, tradition and friendship between our two spaces. Please join us in this joyous celebration.

Celebration & Artists’ Reception:  Saturday, November 6,  2010    7:00 p.m. – 9 p.m. (neighbors 5:30 – 10 )

The show runs from Sunday, Oct. 17 – Sunday, Nov. 14.  Gallery hours are Wed. – Sunday, noon to 5pm.

By Jim McKinniss

GALE ANTOKAL – “Out of the Blue”

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Image copyright by Gale Antokal


This is a photographers’ blog and we do not usually post information about shows with artwork that is not photo based. However, on occasion I will post such information because I feel that understanding other types of art only enhances a photographer’s understanding of the broader world of art.

Gale Antokal’s solo exhibition, “Out of the Blue,” includes 13 pastel drawings on paper detailing images cloaked in mystery, foreboding or uncertainty contrasted with images of heightened calm. This latest body of work demonstrates her deftness with pastel, as well as graphite, flour and ash on paper, capturing motion in an instant moment in time.  

The genesis for the works in this exhibition is the first photographic image Gale Antokal remembers which depicted an approaching apocalypse (a tornado) which left her in astonishment and awe. From that moment on, she has based a majority of her work on moments of foreboding, uncertainty and mystery.  Her early “Nightswimming” series (late 1980s), the drawings of cooking pots (early 1990s) and even the backlit barns of “The Messengers” (2007) were all cloaked in atmospheres of portent and ambiguity.  For the current work, particularly the four works that bear the title of the show “Out of the Blue,” Antokal has used images of calamitous events that appear to have happened out of the blue, leaving its precedence a complete mystery.

In contrast to the intensity of the charged drawings, the drawings of images of seeming calm depict figures who appear mysteriously, out of the blue, unclear as to what was or will be – a calm charged with great frisson.  “Aornos 12” depicts four figures walking out of a dark interior into light so brilliant it is impossible to see towards what they are headed.  Another early memory of Antokal’s was of milk streaming from a broken bottle, cascading down a flight of stairs.  The two works “Cold Tears 1 & 2,” literally freeze this moment in time with its depiction of icicles inexplicably dangling in suspended animation.  The subject matter is clearly enhanced by Antokal’s deft use of dry pastel and the medium of powdered chalk/ash/graphite medium of her invention responsible for creating the misty, dreamy and ambiguous atmospheres in which she places her subjects.

Gale Antokal was born in New York, NY and received her MFA from the California College of the Arts in 1984.  She is an Associate Professor in the School of Art & Design at San Jose State University, California.  Antokal held several visiting artist positions and teaching positions including the San Francisco Art Institute, Instructor of Art History at the Lehrhaus Institute, and the American College in Jerusalem.  In 1992 she received a Visual Arts Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Antokal’s work is included in both private and public collections including the Crocker Museum, Sacramento, CA;  The Franklin Company, Los Angeles, CA;  The David and Lucille Packard Foundation, Los Altos, CA;  MacDonald’s Corporation, San Jose, CA.

DATES: October 23 – November 27, 2010

GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm

The opening reception for the artist will be on Saturday, October 23, 2010 from 5-8 p.m.

For further information and/or press photos, please contact the gallery.

By Jim McKinniss

HUGH HOLLAND: LOCALS ONLY – California Skateboarding: 1975 – 1978

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Photo copyright by Hugh Holland



M+B is pleased to announce Locals Only, an exhibition of color photographs by Hugh Holland that capture the Los Angeles skateboard revolution during the mid-Seventies from an insider’s perspective.

At the nascence of a cultural movement—before extreme sports and corporate sponsorship—Holland documented rebellious teens gliding through the drainage bowls and emptied pools around Venice, Orange County and Brentwood’s Kenter Canyon Elementary School.

The opening reception for the artist on Saturday, October 23 from 6 to 8pm will include a book signing for Holland’s recently published monograph of the same name by AMMO Books. The exhibition runs from October 23 to December 5, 2010.

In the mid-Seventies, two events coincided in Southern California that gave rise to skateboarding as we now know it. The invention of the urethane wheel and the drought that emptied the pools across the city allowed the kids to ride their new boards in an entirely new way. Skateboarders, stoners, thrashers and bad-ass kids from different neighborhoods and backgrounds in Los Angeles began hitting the pavement after school and during the summer, creating a counter-culture that has inspired numerous books, songs, documentaries and films. From the flatland kids skating “freestyle” to the canyon kids going vertical and carving up drained out pools—including soon-to-be legends Stacy Peralta and Jay Adams—Hugh Holland perfectly captured their youthful innocence and the energy of the movement.

Unlike most photographers capturing the craze, Holland’s photographs were never about the sport. Holland shot with old color negative movie film, rendering his images in warm, soft tones that were in complete contrast to the sharp, crisp chromes that the majority of skate photographers were using at the time. Beyond the bodies in motion, Holland captures beautifully intimate portraits of the young boys sitting under the trees waiting their turn, resting by the chain link fence at Kenter or in peaceful contemplation after a long day of riding. Holland primarily shot his subjects in the late afternoon, bathing his models and settings with an effervescent, glistening quality. They are, in essence, photographs of a generation of boys discovering their identity amidst the backdrop of cultural phenomena that shaped a generation.

Hugh Holland (b. 1942, United States) had no formal training in photography prior to picking up a camera in 1968 after returning from a trip to Spain. He made a dark room and began shooting everything around him, particularly people. In 1975, while driving up Laurel Canyon, he witnessed his first skateboarders in the drainage ditches along the side of the canyon. For the next few years, he knew he found his subject, tirelessly documenting the burgeoning culture. Holland’s work was first exhibited at M+B in 2006. Following the success of the show, the exhibition traveled to Paris, New York and England.

The artist’s forthcoming monograph Locals Only by AMMO Books is published in conjunction with his second exhibition at M+B. Location: M+B, 612 North Almont Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Show Title: Hugh Holland: Locals Only Exhibition Dates: October 23 – December 4, 2010

Opening Reception and Book Signing: Saturday, October 23, 6 – 8 pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm, and by appointment

For more info, please contact Shannon Richardson at M+B at (310) 550 -0050 or

By Jim McKinniss

New book by Sally Mann

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Image copyright by Sally Mann and the book publisher.

The following appears in the October 1, 2010 issue of the on-line publication “Double Exposure”.

The Flesh and the Spirit Photographs by Sally Mann. Text by John Ravenal, David Levi Strauss, Anne Wilkes Tucker.

Aperture/Virginia Museum of Fine Art, 2010. 200 pp., 225 color illustrations, 9×11½”.

Sally Mann: The Flesh and The Spirit is the first in-depth exploration of this world-renowned artist’s approach to the body. Throughout her career, Mann has fearlessly pushed her exploration of the human form, tackling often difficult subject matter and making unapologetic sensual images that are simultaneously bold and lyrical.

This beautifully produced publication includes Mann’s earliest platinum prints from the late 1970s, Polaroid still lifes, early color work of her children, haunting landscape images, recent self-portraits and nude studies of her husband. These series document Mann’s interest in the body as principal subject, with the associated issues of vulnerability and mortality lending an elegiac note to her images.

Ravenal supplies a comprehensive introduction as well as individual entries on each series, and essays by David Levi Strauss (‘Eros, Psyche, and the Mendacity of Photography’) and Anne Wilkes Tucker (‘Living Memory’) add different, but equally illuminating perspectives to this work.

By Jim McKinniss