August Meeting

Doug Stockdale

Great meeting last night. With so many members wanting to show work, we had fifteen names on the list last night, we had some discussion about trying to make the viewing and critiquing process run smoother. However, it was decided to leave the process as it is. So, I suppose we will have to be content with having some names left over for viewing at the next meeting.

The intent is not to see how many images we can look at during the evening. If we are to be edified by our attendance in The Photographers’ Exchange then we need to think about how we respond to the work of the evening. I think we had a great meeting last night. The discussions we had as we viewed the work was exactly what it should be, enlightening and not rushed.

Thanks to everyone who come and support the group with your photographs and your opinions.

See you in September,

Larry Vogel 

Mark Kirchner
Frank Cancian

One thought on “August Meeting

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  1. Larry, these photos help illustrate the diversity and broad interests of our photographic group. Also nice that I made in under the wire to share some photographs from my project Ciociaria.

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