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August Meeting

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Doug Stockdale

Great meeting last night. With so many members wanting to show work, we had fifteen names on the list last night, we had some discussion about trying to make the viewing and critiquing process run smoother. However, it was decided to leave the process as it is. So, I suppose we will have to be content with having some names left over for viewing at the next meeting.

The intent is not to see how many images we can look at during the evening. If we are to be edified by our attendance in The Photographers’ Exchange then we need to think about how we respond to the work of the evening. I think we had a great meeting last night. The discussions we had as we viewed the work was exactly what it should be, enlightening and not rushed.

Thanks to everyone who come and support the group with your photographs and your opinions.

See you in September,

Larry Vogel 

Mark Kirchner
Frank Cancian

Woman of My Age – a self published book by Marian Seid Rubin

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Photos copyright by Marian Seid Rubin


Photo copyright by Marian Seid Rubin

Photo copyright by Marian Seid Rubin

Do you want to create a cookbook, a journal, a wedding album, a photo book, or a compilation of random bits of trivia you’ve collected over the years? With the number of on-line companies that offer downloadable book creation software today the task has never been easier.

One woman who decided to take advantage of the advances in electronic publishing is Marian Rubin. Marian has just published a collection of her photographs of some of the women she knows or has met over the years. Her photos are combined with short but sensitive writings based on the notes she kept about these women.

When asked to comment about her book, Women of My Age, Marian says:

“As a social worker, I became interested in the issues of how women saw themselves; the goals they set for themselves, the hopes and dreams they had pursued or abandoned…. their self image and their self esteem.  Our self esteem is an image we create that comes from inside but is influenced by negative messages about women that come from the culture and relationships.”

“As a photographer, I created a series of images that I felt revealed something unique and personal about each woman and how they defined themselves. My hope is that my portraits give us some insight into each woman’s private reality. Some of these portraits are of women I have known; some were casual acquaintances. Some were women who agreed to participate in this project, while others were just encounters on the street.”

An on-line preview of Marian’s book can be viewed at

Contact information can be found at

By Jim McKinniss

Two Photoshop Workshops

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Joe Orsillo juried into Palos Verdes Art Center’s 2010 All Media exhibition

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Thistle copyright by Joe Orsillo

Tulip copyright by Joe Orsillo

California Poppy copyright by Joe Orsillo




Joe Orsillo is known for his exquisitely delicate monochromatic photos that reveal the beauties of texture and form found in both the living and the dying. Joe’s figure studies of the female body show delicate lines and form within a framework of  light and textures that create a sensuous visual experience for the observer. His floral studies bring the same sense of artistry to dipictions of dead or dying flowers.

I asked Joe to talk briefly about his work with flowers. Here is an excerpt from that conversation:

“I have been drawn to flowers since I began photography in earnest nearly 20 years ago, and despite brief visits to other subject matter including landscape and portraiture, their simple yet beguilingly complex beauty always holds my interest. While a perfect bloom has beauty and wonder, more often than not I find it far more interesting when it is left to die and then dry out completely. In this state the petals shrivel, the color becomes muted, and the overall shape of the flower changes. Without vibrant colors and perfect symmetry, the flower becomes a study in texture and random shapes.

 I often get accused of having a macabre sensibility, but what draws me to this subject is not the death of the flower but its seeming transformation. All of the  qualities that flowers are valued for; color, aroma, symmetry, are stripped away. What remains is purity of form, revealing shape and texture that can otherwise be missed.

 My work really has no agenda, but what I hope to convey to the viewer is a sense of wonder, and the realization that beauty comes in many unexpected forms.”

Web site and contact information:

The 2010 Juried All Media exhibition runs Augusts 6 – October 3, 2010

The Palos Verdes Art Center is located at:

Palos Verdes Art Center
5504 W. Crestridge Rd.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

(310) 541-2479

By Jim McKinniss