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Janos Lanyi in December LensWork

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Photographs copyright of Janos Lanyi

Janos Lanyi will be represented along with 14 other photographers in the December issue of LensWork, issue number 85,  in the 2009 Year End Gallery. LensWork magazine is noted for its high technical & printing standards as well as the breadth & aesthetic excellence of the black & white photography that it publishes.

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Exhibition Opportunity at OCCCA

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The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art is offering an open call invitation to exhibit your work. OCCCA has a fabulous space, and its openings are very well attended. Up to 1,200 people come through in a single night. The exhibit is called By The Running Foot, a reference to the cost per size of the work to enter the show. You can find details on OCCCA’s website (link below). Scroll down to By The Running Foot.

By Gina Genis

Douglas Stockdale photobook reviews now on photo-eye

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After a year and 75 published photographic book reviews on The PhotoBook, I am now co-publishing a few of my reviews in conjunction with the online photo-eye Magazine out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

17 Days

My first co-published review is the self-published stiff cover book by Orange County photographer Deanna Templeton, titled “17 Days” and can be found on photo-eye here, or on The PhotoBook Journal here. The principal difference between the two sites for this particular review is the selection of photographs used to illustrate the review, and of course, photo-eye has a hot  link available to their bookstore for you to buy the book. I think that the photo-eye bookstore has some signed copies available as well.

Update: I did enjoy contributing book reviews to photo-eye, but they have changed their staff and direction, and I suspect that they did not appreciate that I co-published my photobook reviews on both their site as well as on The PhotoBook Journal.

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

The End of Film – Exhibit at CMP

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California Museum of Photography is exhibiting “The End of Film, a Brief History of Digital Cameras, 1987-2009″ through January 30, 2010.

The exhibit includes digital cameras beginning with Casio’s 1987 VS-101 .28 mp, which digitized video signals rather than capturing a still image. It holds the esteemed label of being the first digital camera used by fine art photographers.

The first truly still image camera on display is Kodak’s DCS-100 from 1991. It boasted 1.3 mp, weighed 20 pounds, and cost a mere $13,000.00.

Fast forward to 2009. Multi media is calling, and the exhibit ends with the Canon 5D Mark II. This camera is capable of capturing stills with 21 mp and can take 1920×1080 HD video for up to 45 minutes.

I am in awe of the newest versions of digital cameras, but walking through this show only makes me wonder how obsolete they will be in another decade. I hope CMP has a second exhibit of the history of digital cameras in 2019 so we can be wistfully nostalgic once again.

California Museum of Photography

3824 Main Street

Riverside, CA 92501 951 784-FOTO

by Gina Genis

Gina Genis exhibiting at the Women’s Club of Hollywood

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"Some Serious Chops"

© 2009 Gina Genis

Gina Genis will be exhibiting one of her photo collages at the Women’s Club of Hollywood. The exhibit will be for one night only, Sunday, November 22, with a reception from 5-9 p.m. The following is from a press release for the exhibit:

Genis’ work combines the most exceptional elements of nature and technology. Using a camera and software processing systems, a squirrel jaw bone found in the forest becomes an abstracted pattern of delicate beauty. This beauty, however, barely masks a strong presence of danger. The raw elegance of an animal skull reminds us of the tenuous nature of our existence, but through Genis’ photography, celebrates and memorializes life.

The Women’s Club of Hollywood is located at:

1749 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046-3009
(323) 876-8383

Eleven Photo Exchange members selected for 2009 Irvine Fine Arts All Media show

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Image copyright by Irvine Fine Arts Center

Photo Exchange members Charles Benes, Ellen Butler, Stan Kuran, Janos Lanyi, Manuel Martinez, Jim McKinniss, Hal Myers, Anne Marie Rousseau, Barbara Ruffini, Barbara Runge,  and Larry Vogel are 11 of  the featured artists in the 2009 All Media show at the Irvine Fine Arts Center.

The Irvine Fine Arts Center is located at 14321 Yale Ave. , Irvine, CA 92604

Exhibition dates are November 20, 2009 – January 16, 2010

Exhibition Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony: Friday, November 20                                     

Reception: 5 – 8pm, Awards Presentation: 6:30pm

By Jim McKinniss