ArtSlant Juried Showcase competition

The ArtSlant Juried Showcase competition is now open for entries. 

ENROLLMENT for 1st COMPETITION – February 10-February 20

WINNERS ANNOUNCED – March 10, 2009

Winners will be seen by the world in our new Juried Showcase at the top of the Artshow.  This location, formerly called “Featured Artists,” is the best place in the Artshow to get attention for your work.

The ArtSlant Juried Showcase is a series of competitions designed to exhibit and promote talented artists from around the world.  Each competition has 3 stages:

STAGE 1: Approved applicants will be voted upon for 2-3 weeks in our new “Vote the Showcase” panel. Winners will be selected by our curation team. Entry fee of $2 applies.

STAGE 2: Juried Showcase Winners will be notified and premier placement in the Juried Showcase will begin.  Award certificates will appear on Artist’s Profile.  Premier placement fee will apply. 

STAGE 3: A jury of international gallerists will select six artists for the Gallery Circle from each competition.  Circle winners receive ongoing exhibition in the Juried Showcase and are eligible for the Golden Frame Awards.  At year-end, a final jury will select our three winners from the Gallery Circle for Golden Frames. 


APPLY: Go to your ArtSlant Profile. If your work has been approved for entry by the curation team, you will have an “enter showcase” link in your CHANGE box on the right.  Click on that link to complete your competitor account entry.

If you have not been approved, please submit new work to your Profile.  ArtSlant’s curation team will review it for entry consideration. 

VOTE: Upon acceptance, your work will be displayed in “Vote the Showcase” and on your ArtSlant Profile. Check your competition entry at the bottom of your Profile each day to see your votes.  Email your Profile to friends and colleagues to vote for you.

By Doug Stockdale

BTW: if you are not familiar with a ArtSlant Profile, here is mine. (and if you do like my work, go ahead and vote for me while you are there)

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