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Four Photoshop + Lightroom Seminars FREE at Connect 09

Posted in Photo Art Business, Photography by douglaspstockdale on February 26, 2009


Effective immediately (2/25/09), all four Photoshop + Lightroom Seminars at Connect 09, the Palm Springs Photo Festival,  are free!  Adobe will sponsor two Intermediate Photoshop + Lightroom and two Advanced Photoshop + Lightroom Seminars at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Please see for further information and registration details.

by Doug Stockdale

Douglas Stockdale featured on Lenscratch

Posted in Photographers, Photography, tPE members by douglaspstockdale on February 24, 2009

Just a quick note to mention that I was the featured WestCoast Photographer on LensScratch today, a web-journal that is written by a fellow WestCoast Photographer, Aline Smithson.

Which was a real delight to find on my return from another trip away from home.  Aline posted images from both my current in-process series Insomnia, as well as some from my series Re:Development about the current changes and subsequent effects that are on-going in China

by Doug Stockdale

Douglas Stockdale at 23 Sandy Gallery

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My book In Passing (book preview available here) was juried into the Photo+Book exhibition at the 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR. The opening reception is March 6th from 6 to 9pm, and the exhibition will be running until March 28th, 2009.

The exhibition was juried by Christopher Rauschenberg, co-founder/director of PhotoLucida and co-founder/director of the Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR.

As a reminder, I will also be providing a one-day workshop concurrent with the exhibition on March 15th at the 23 Sandy Gallery on Developing a Photographic POD Book (more info here). UPDATE (March 6, 2009): Regretfully the workshop is now Sold Out, but if you are still interested if an opportunity to attend opens up, please leave a message with Laura Russell, the gallery director.

by Doug Stockdale

SoFoBoMo 2009

Posted in Books & Magazines, Photography, tPE members by douglaspstockdale on February 17, 2009

SoFoBoMo: Solo Photo Book Month

Well the second year of SoFoBoMo is in progress, with the 2009 sign ups in progress here.

If you are not familiar with SoFoBoMo, the intent is that you will select a topic, photograph it and develop the resulting photographs into a book, all of that within 30 days, start to finish. The 31 days is a termed a fuzzy month (yeah, a fuzzy term, eh?), that allows you to:

You pick a 31 day period that starts no earlier than May 1, 2009, and ends no later than June 30, 2009. In other words, if you start on May 1, your month ends on June 1. If you start on May 15, your month ends on June 15.

With more of the informal rules posted here.

The ultimate goal: to stop procrastinating and make a real physical book in a month or less.

Oh, yeah. Last year I ended up doing TWO books in 31 days. One of which I did on a Saturday, which is now in its second version: Sharpening Photographs for POD Publishing. This book came out of my despiration to figure out how to sharpen photographs adaquately for digital halftone printing used by POD publishers, such as Blurb and LuLu.

But this was not really my real 2008 SoFoBoMo book, which was Places Amongst Us and is now out of print. You can read more about my personal trials and tribulations during the 2008 SoFoBoMo with my articles that are complied in the SoFoBoMo catagory on my personal blog, Singular Images.

It does not cost you anything to sign up (FREE), there are no prizes, but there is the ultimate personal prize: you have your own published book. nice.

BTW if you are not sure about how to self publish a book, I am teaching a one-day workshop on Developing a photographic POD Book at the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR on March 15th, with more details here.

by Doug Stockdale

Bill Collins at Long Beach Arts

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Sexy Lady“,  Photograph copyright of Bill Collins

Bill Collins photograph “Sexy Lady“, has been accepted into the Long Beach Arts(LBA) “Urban Ambiance” show which runs from Feb. 28 through April 3, and the reception is March 6th,  from 6 to 9 PM.

The LBA new location is at 4332 Atlantic Ave in the Bixby Knoll area of Long Beach. The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 4 PM.

By Doug Stockdale

ArtSlant Juried Showcase competition

Posted in Juried opportunities, Photo Art Business, Photography by douglaspstockdale on February 14, 2009

The ArtSlant Juried Showcase competition is now open for entries. 

ENROLLMENT for 1st COMPETITION – February 10-February 20

WINNERS ANNOUNCED – March 10, 2009

Winners will be seen by the world in our new Juried Showcase at the top of the Artshow.  This location, formerly called “Featured Artists,” is the best place in the Artshow to get attention for your work.

The ArtSlant Juried Showcase is a series of competitions designed to exhibit and promote talented artists from around the world.  Each competition has 3 stages:

STAGE 1: Approved applicants will be voted upon for 2-3 weeks in our new “Vote the Showcase” panel. Winners will be selected by our curation team. Entry fee of $2 applies.

STAGE 2: Juried Showcase Winners will be notified and premier placement in the Juried Showcase will begin.  Award certificates will appear on Artist’s Profile.  Premier placement fee will apply. 

STAGE 3: A jury of international gallerists will select six artists for the Gallery Circle from each competition.  Circle winners receive ongoing exhibition in the Juried Showcase and are eligible for the Golden Frame Awards.  At year-end, a final jury will select our three winners from the Gallery Circle for Golden Frames. 


APPLY: Go to your ArtSlant Profile. If your work has been approved for entry by the curation team, you will have an “enter showcase” link in your CHANGE box on the right.  Click on that link to complete your competitor account entry.

If you have not been approved, please submit new work to your Profile.  ArtSlant’s curation team will review it for entry consideration. 

VOTE: Upon acceptance, your work will be displayed in “Vote the Showcase” and on your ArtSlant Profile. Check your competition entry at the bottom of your Profile each day to see your votes.  Email your Profile to friends and colleagues to vote for you.

By Doug Stockdale

BTW: if you are not familiar with a ArtSlant Profile, here is mine. (and if you do like my work, go ahead and vote for me while you are there)

Palm Springs Photo Festival update

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As you know from being a 2008 attendee, each evening of the festival we present the work of 4 finalists. Your work could be seen by the faculty and attendees of the PSPF on the large screen of the Annenberg Theater of the Palm Springs Art Museum.
Enter our Slide Show Contest and have a chance to win great prizes including a CANON Professional Pixma Printer (Grand Prize) plus a $300 gift certificate from Samy’s Camera, the new Lensbaby, a great camera backpack from Tenba and other prizes. The winner from each of the four nightly finalists will receive a Lensbaby, and a $50 gift certificate from Samy’s Camera, software from our Sponsors, camera backpack or belly-pack from Lowepro and more! All of the finalist’s names will be posted on our website prior to the festival.
Send us your slide shows! Please try to be sure they are sent in Mac readable format with each image saved separately in a folder as well as incorporated into your show. All images should be sized to 1000 pixels on the long dimension at 125 DPI. We accept Quicktime movies, Powerpoint and Keynote presentations.
Alternative: You may also simply send jpgs in a folder with your music selection and if your work is selected, we’ll put it together provided you number your images in the order you’d like them projected.
Slide shows cannot be longer than three minutes in duration and should have music. If you prefer, we’ll try to marry the work with music at our end. Please include your music file in a separate folder on your disk. We request you send us a brief text about your submission. Be sure to include your name, address, email address and telephone number with your submission.
Entries should be addressed to Palm Springs Photo Festival, POB 69405, Los Angeles, California 90069.
There is no entry fee required.
The DEADLINE is March 1, 2009. Work not selected for our program will be returned after March 15, 2009, provided a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) is included in the submission. All other materials will be destroyed.
Update provided by Doug Stockdale


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3rd Annual OUR WORLD Portfolio Review

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Friday thru Sunday, March 13-15, 2009, San Francisco, California

The DEADLINE to submit is fast approaching: February 13th, 2009.

This weekend event will bring together over 40 top photography editors, publishers, curators, gallerists, and educators representing small, mid-sized, and major venues from around the U.S. to meet with engaged photographers to review their portfolios and encourage their careers.

A number of prizes and opportunities will be awarded including: The Orion Award for the best portfolio that fits the mission of Orion magazine which is to deepen an understanding of our relationships with the natural world.

The Ike Royer Memorial Award & Scholarships from Freestyle Photographic that recognizes the best work utilizing traditional gelatin silver materials. Freestyle has been an industry leader in keeping these materials available and affordable.

The Blue Earth Prize For “Best Project Photography” This new award provides recognition for photographic work best representing the Blue Earth mission: To raise awareness about endangered cultures, threatened environments and social concerns through photography.

Photo-Eye will be selecting new contemporary work for their on-line Photographer’s Showcase section.


by Doug Stockdale Call For Entries

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Women In Photography International juried Call for Entries for 2009.
Minimum 2 images,
Submission Deadlines Member & Non-Member: 
Savings thru March 15
April 1,  Deadline
Notification by e-mail of Juror Selection: May 1st
Online Exhibition, June 1, 2009
All submissions, online JPEG’s, only
“2009 Competition” Guidelines & Fees:

by Doug Stockdale

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Douglas Stockdale at LBCC PhotoFest

Posted in Photographers, Photography, tPE members by douglaspstockdale on February 8, 2009

Yes, yours truely, Doug Stockdale, will be leading a half-day Developing a Photo Project seminar at the Long Beach City College (LBCC) PhotoFest, Long Beach, CA on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 from 9am to noon. And like the other programs at LBCC PhotoFest, is Free, but you have to register.

The topics I am going to cover are: Why develop a series?, Essence of a series: Mission, Goals, &  Objectives, Short term vs Long Term Projects, Keeping a Project on Track (Project Management), When to develop a Project?, Non-linear series development > a messy conundrum, Staying the course, Journeying, an introspective discussion, Thematic alternatives, and Hasn’t This been Done Before (Old themes in New Clothes)?, and finally, Why “You” make a difference.

And there will be a couple of break out work sessions to work on a some workshop assignements. Probably a lot to cover in three hours, but it should be fun.

by Doug Stockdale