Critical Mass update


Urban ReDevelopment #10, 2008 copyright of Douglas Stockdale

PhotoLucdia has completed the first of the two phases of their judging for Critical Mass 2008. The 180 photographers who were accepted at this phase of the process, will now have their (10) photographs submitted to approximatly 200 additional jurist for the final selection.

Which takes me to the bad news/good news segment of this story.

Yep, and the bad news is that there were over 400 photograhers who did not make the first cut. That included both me and Yanos Lanyi of The Photographers Exchange.

And the good news, like those who get voted off Dancing with the Starts, this is an online group exhibit, UnCritical Mass, of the rejectees over at Liz Kuball’s blog, here. nice.

Bottom line, regardless of the short term outcome, there are a lot of good photographic projects and photographers who are continuting to develop and articulate their vision. 

From Shawn Records, on the Photolucida blog, “I can guarantee that there are many photographers whose work did not make the Finalist stage who will go on to successfully exhibit and publish that very same work.”

by Doug Stockdale

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