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Eye of the Storm: Opening Saturday May 24

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“Sniper, Kandahar Afghanistan” photograph by Staff Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock

The exhibition, “Eye of the Storm: War through the Lens of American Combant Photograhers”, has its LA premiere opening on May 24, 2008 of Memorial Day weekend at the Reform Gallery, a leading design gallery located in the heart of Hollywood, from 6-9pm. The exhibit ends July 5th.

The mission of this exhibit is to provide fundraising and awareness for The Wounded Warrior Project through the exhibition and sale of historic fine art photographs taken by top enlisted combat photographers from the U.S. Military.

Eye of the Storm: War through the Lens of American Combat Photographers” is a fine art charitable exhibition conceived and curated by Los Angeles area curator Dane Jensen. Having a history of appropriating his expertise in the arts through philanthropic and cognizant-challenging exhibitions, Eye of the Storm was born out of very compassionate circumstances.

Jensen adds “Tens of thousands of men and women are returning from the war with serious physical and mental debilitations…I [realized] I could utilize my experience as a curator to pool the best talents and resources to orchestrate an exhibition that raises awareness, funding and support for those in need

After contacting each photographer personally and obtaining detailed accounts of the images, Jensen was able to put together a powerful exhibition with the help of sponsors and volunteers who believed in the integrity of the show.

The non-partisan event will feature 35+ limited edition prints that show the multi-faceted nature of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from nine of the most decorated professional military photographers in the United States. Eye of the Storm photographers include Army Staff Sgt. Russell Klika, Air Force Staff Sgt. Stacy Pearsall, Air Force Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway, Air Force Staff Sgt. Jacob Bailey, Air Force Staff Sgt. Cherie Thurlby, Air Force Tech Sgt. Jeremy Lock, Army Staff Sgt. Michael Pryor, Marine Corporal Samuel Corum, and Navy Petty Officer First Class Michael Watkins.

You can find more at the exhibition web site:

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Janos Lanyi at SCA Gallery

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“Where am I” photography copyright of Janos K. Lanyi

Janos Lanyi was juried into the SCA Gallery, Pomona, CA for the exhibit titled My Space, which will take place from June 14 to July 5.

Janos writes this about the photograph: It was taken at a train station converted to art museum in Berlin, as Gare d’Orsay in Paris. All the reflections are real, not made with Photoshop.

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Bill Livingston at Shelter Surf Shop

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Joel” photography copyright of Bill Livingston

The current surfer photographs by Bill Livingston are at the Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach, a little different venue for the photographer than the Long Beach Museum of Art (LA County, CA) where an exhibition of Bill’s Long Beach harbour pinhole photograhs are scheduled to be exhibited at the begining of next month.

A more in depth article about the surfer/photographers exhibit at the Shelter Surf Shop can be found here. And I will write an article about Bills Long Beach Museum of Art exhibit shortly.

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Bill Collins at 2nd City Council

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Photo copyright of Bill Collins

Bill Collins, another member of the The Photo Exchange, was also juried into the members exhibit at 2nd City Council art gallery. This exhibit will be opening Saturday June 7th.

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Doug Stockdale in TPS Contact Sheet

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Randy” from the series In Passing, photograph copyright of Douglas Stockdale

The Texas Photographic Society in their publication, TPS Contact Sheet, this month has a small announcement about my publication of In Passing (working title: Bad Trip – Sad Trip) in LensWork #74 magazine and my interview with Brooks Jensen, the Editor in LensWork Extended #74, the DVD format. nice.

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The Photographers Exchange Meeting: May 15th

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The monthly Photograhpers Exchange meeting will be held from 6:30 – 9:30pm this third Thursday, May 15th at the Irvine Fine Arts Center (Irvine, CA).

All are welcome to attend and join, we meet once per month (third Thursday of each month), show and look at prints, drink some coffee and BS a lot. No judging, no prizes, just photographs (I think that Stieglitz would like this);- )

If you are new to the meeting, there is a sign up, first come, first show, and bring up to five prints, peferrably not over 17 x 22, matte and frame not required and be prepared to talk about your photographs and the others that will share during the evening.

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The Good Photo Exhibition

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A new opportunity for exhibiting and selling your photographic images is now being developed by Rolf Goellnitz, the founder and co-owner of the OMG Gallery in Huntington Beach (OC). It is called the The Good Photo Exhibition and there is a seperate web site for all of the details.

The mission statement: Selecting one of the many good photo(s) you’ve produced and market them for a very affordable price to a broad clientele is our goal.

The application deadline for this juried exhibit is coming up quick on May 15. The images do not need to be matted or framed to be exhibited in line with keeping the prices affordable. This exhibition will be taking place on June 7 & 8th at the OMC gallery in Huntington Beach. There will be a reception on Saturday, June 7th from 6pm to 9pm.

You do have to rent wall space for the exhibit and pay a 15% commission for any related print sales. They also have a sales price structure that you need to agree to for exhibiting, which is detailed in their exhibition agreement available from the The Good Photo web site. And the photograhs can fall into any one of seven catagories.

In an email exchange with Rolf in trying to understand this exhibition, Rolf writes: We are in the start-up phase of a new and I think exciting experiment, where I want to establish as less boundaries as possible. We want to establish a possiblity, where people can find a decent image and still buy an Original, instead (of) a poster.

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Ellen Butler at 2nd City Council Gallery

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“Bob” photography copyright of Ellen Butler

Ellen Butler is another Photo Exchange member who was juried into the annual members exhibit at 2nd City Council Gallery in Long Beach (CA). This exhibit will be opening Saturday, June 7 th.

The photograph is a 20″ x 16″ Silver Gelatin fiber Black and White, captured with Tri-X.

Ellen writes this about Bob;

Bob is a homeless guy I’ve noticed for the past few years as he is always on the corner of 7th and PCH in Long Beach, right by the small coffee shop with the huge doughnut that looms over it.  He waves at everyone who drives by; what really caught my eye is how much like a sign of benediction his wave is.  I finally screwed up the courage to ask him if I could take pictures of him.  I first shot him about a year ago; this image was shot this month.  Bob has the most beautiful eyes and what struck me from the very first time I tripped my shutter, is the truth of that expression, “the eyes are the window to the soul.”  After many conversations with him I am keenly aware, Bob is more in present time than most people I know, and he is the most wonderful and gentle man.

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Jim Koch at 2nd City Council

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Untitled, photograph copyright of Jim Koch

Jim Koch, another Photo Exchange member, was also juried into the 2nd City Council members exhibit. This time I should get the exhibit opening right; the exhibit openings is Saturday, June 7th.

Jim writes this about his image; This was done as a class assignment for John Hesketh’s ‘Color Management course at Orange Coast College in 2002. I photograhed store window displays at Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA) with a Pentax 67 using trnsparency film, scanned the selected images and blended them together in Photoshop then tweaked the images in PS. I guess it’s a double self-portrait, of sorts.

And a very interesting one at that;- )

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Diane Reeves at 2nd City Council Gallery

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Santa Ana Duet” photograph copyright of the artist, Diane Reeves

Diane Reeves, a member of The Photo Exchange, was juried into the 2nd City Council members show, which will be going on exhibit on Saturday, May 31st. The exhibition reception is Saturday June 7th 6th, from 6pm – 9pm with a free community BBQ and the head chef is rumored to be Antonio Ruiz of the Creativity Network.

Diane’s image “Santa Ana Duet” is a photographic/Mixed media, composed of two silver black and white photographs, oil paint, india ink, pencil, collage paper, watercolor, plastic beads, grommets on watercolor paper, 20″ x 31″.

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