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Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA)

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Opening this weekend (May 3rd) at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) is the exhibit of Fredric Roberts, “Humanitas: Images of India“, which will be on exhibition through September 7th. From MoPA “Roberts pictures various people from Inda, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bhutan, Thailand and China as they go about their lives selleing water or herding camels. Simultaneously, this exhibition illuminates the quite corners that often don’t have witnesses, such as people in prayer or mother and child. The images are primarily portraits, but also include some landscapes.

MoPA has continuing exhibits of ‘Flesh: The Portraiture of Gary Schneider’, through September 14 and “Picturing the Process: Portraiture throught the Lens“, with photographs from MoPA’s Permament Collection, which runs until July 6th.

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Photo Shootout Competitions

Posted in Juried opportunities, Photograph Exhibits, Photography by douglaspstockdale on April 29, 2008

The juried competition for the at the International Digital Art and Photography Exhibition  at San Diego County Fair in Del Mar (SD) has just passed. There were three catagories, Digital Art, Photography and Photo Journalism. So something to keep track of for next year.

But there are still two more juried photographic opporutnities yet available at the Fair, the 2008 Daylight Photo Shootout, registration deadline is Friday, June 13th, and the 2008 Night Photo Shootout, registration by Friday, June 6th. An opportunity to have some fun and share your results.

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Juried Opportunities

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We have started to tracka new category, Juried Opportunities, which is where we will be keeping our postings about any juried photographic opportunities that come to light (or come to our attention). Our emphasis is on the juried photographic opportunities that are occurring in Southern California.

posted by Doug Stockdale

Juried Landscape photography deadline – April 30th

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In a couple of days, on April 30th, is the deadline to entry the Bartram Gallery, located in La Jolla, CA (SD) juried landscape photography competition. The judging will be by “8 top photographers”, whom we suspect are the photographers represented by the gallery. The entry fee is $50 for the first image and $10 for each additional image. The prize is $500, a ‘coveted spot on the wall” and represenatation by the gallery. It is open to both Black & White and Color photographs, digital or film, urban or nature images.

If you are interested, it would be a very good idea to review the photography of the artists currently represented by this gallery to see if you might be a potential fit. From their Information page: The Bartram Gallery is a collection of photographers who portray and capture on film the art that exists in our natural world. We will preserve the historical method of film captured photography as recognition to all dedicated film photographers.

So if you do shot digital nature and landscape photography and you were thinking that this gallery would be a potential match for you, you have been warned, but I am sure that they would still appreciate your entry fee nevertheless.

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2nd City Council Art Gallery

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The opening reception at the 2nd City Council Art Gallery for the exhibit Earth is this Saturday, April 26th, from 7pm – 9pm. The exhibit runs through May 22nd.

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Art of Photography Show

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Tomorrow evening, the reception for the Art of Photography Show, will be occur from 6pm – 9pm at  the  Lyceum Theatre Gallery, which is located in Horton Plaza in the San Diego GasLamp Distrit. The Exhibit runs from April 25 through May 23rd. This is a juried exhibit, with Carol McCusker as this years juror. Carol is the curator of phtography at the Museum of Photographic Art in San Diego. 

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Janos Lanyi

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Zen garden in Harima, Japan” photograph copyright of the artist, Janos Lanyi

For the upcoming ArtSeen 3 A Taste of Los Angeles, auction and gala event, Janos Lanyi, a Photo Exchange member, has his photograph accpeted for the aution, with the funds to benefit AIDS research.

The opening night Art Party is scheduled for May 13th, from 6 pm – 10 pm. Music is featuring Grammy Nominated Vikter Duplaix and Dan Mancini (the Standard)

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Jim McKinniss at D & D Gallery

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Photography copyright of Jim McKinniss

Jim McKinniss, a member of The Photo Exchange, is one of seven photographers who will be exhibiting at the D & D Gallery, Seventh St in San Padro (LA). The exhibit is titled Shuttered Images, San Pedro and beyond…, the opening reception is May 1st concurrent with The First Thursday Art Walk in San Pedro. The other six photographers are John Chase, David Fairchild, Norm Zareski, Jens Peermann, David Nicholson and Slobodan Dimitrov. Jim will be exhibiting eight of his photographs.

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Photo Exchange Meetings – Critiques & Babel

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It has been brought to my attention that we have, once again, insider complaints about the quality of critiques. Over the last 18 years this topic seems to rise to the surface over and over again. As I have stated before, the print critiques can only be as good as the effort put out by the whole group. That means when you are looking at work by other members, you have to give them the same attention that you expect when it is your turn to put your work up.

That being said, there is always many other things that come into play when we consider what constitutes a good critique vs. a bad critique. First, an open and honest dialog has to be tolerated, even when it comes to hearing negative comments about your work. I have heard it said many times, by many people, “I want to hear the honest truth about my work.” However, I see much resistance from people when it comes to hearing the negative comments.

It is the resistance that shuts down the critiques and comments that we all might benefit from. I say the critique sessions are a bit like open-mike night at the local coffee shop; you might have to sit through many boring performances before you reach that WOW! moment. But after you have had a few of those great evenings, you know it is worth the wait, so you come back.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid making comparisonsabout who seems to get a better critique, and which work is more deserving of the time we spend with it. When it comes to a beautiful landscape image, sometimes it is best enjoyed simply by looking. After all some work is just more provocative and by definition it will provoke more conversation.

Sometimes….most of the time, we have more work lined up to look at than we will have time for. This is a good thing. The group has become more productive in recent years. I don’t know if this is the result of the digital transition and printing images has become so much easier, not necessarily better, but quicker. Sometimes it is just impossible to get through the list in one evening. I think the intensity of our critiques drop off when we feel rushed to get through them all. Perhaps we can find a solution to this?

So let’s all relax and enjoy the company of our fellow photographers. Look at the work and speak to the photographers who share. Stand and listen when you are the one who shares. Be patient and let the WOW! come to you….and it will.

Posted by Larry Vogel


Posted in Photo Galleries, Photographers, Photography, tPE members by vogelart on April 18, 2008 home page has been posted! If you were not at the meeting last night I will be sending out an email with the file size requirements that I will need from each member. Every member will have a gallery page with twelve images and a short bio that can also have a link to your personal web site.

Posted by Larry Vogel